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Lose Yourself in a Sci-Fi Adventure in Morphite

Morphite is a retro-flavoured first person shooter set in an immersive sci-fi world with a distinctive visual style. Taking inspiration from such classic shooters as Metroid Prime and Turok, but adding something of its own to the mix, this is a title that will be of interest to any FPS fans who want something a little unusual.

A Science Fiction Quest

The game's story is set in a far-flung future where a spacefaring humanity is in search of a rare and precious mineral called Morphite. The game's protagonist, Myrah Kale, finds that she has a connection of some sort to this mineral - but as her exact past is a mystery to her, she is unsure exactly what this connection may be. It is the task of the player to send Myrah Kale on all manner of missions around the galaxy, exploring varied new worlds as she tries to get to the bottom of the mystery.

A First Person Shooter With its Own Flavour

Morphite boasts a distinctive low-polygon visual style, recalling classics from the earlier days of 3D gaming but with a stylish aesthetic all its own. Each world is randomly generated, ensuring plenty of replay value. This is a game that works on two levels: both as an immersive, plot-driven experience, and as an open-ended adventure that rewards replays.


  • Unique and eye-catching visual style
  • Immersive plot and gameplay


  • Some players may prefer more realistic shooters
  • Not all gamers favour randomly-generated levels.

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